Dumfries Police Department Community Policing Data

A data collection consisting of all traffic and investigatory stops made in Dumfries, Virginia as aggregated by Dumfries Police Department. 
This page contains data for the members of the public to review the number of stops per month, stops by age and gender of the driver or individual, stops by race, and ethnicity. Community Policing Data will be updated quarterly during the months of January, April, July and October. 

Code of Virginia

Chapter 6.1. Virginia Community Policing Act
  • § 52-30.1 Definition
  • § 52-30.2 Prohibited practices; collection of data
  • § 52-30.3 Community Policing Reporting Database established
  • § 52-30.4 Reporting of state and local law-enforcement agencies required
Note: During the initial stop, an officer collects information from the driver or individual in accordance with the Community Policing Act § 52-30.2.  Occasionally police officers may be unable to identify age. Individuals with an unidentified age will be placed in the 'zero' column.

Why does an officer ask my race/ethnicity during a traffic stop? 

The Virginia Community Policing Act requires officers to collect data such as race, ethnicity, age, gender, etc. This occurs when an officer stops a driver, stops and frisks a person based on reasonable suspicion, or temporarily detains a person during an investigatory stop. Stops by race, ethnicity and result of stop come from the most recent quarterly report.