Town of Dumfries Digital Inclusivity Strategy

Our digital mission is to create a localized digital ecosystem that is innovative, impactful, and inclusive. Our approach keeps residents at the forefront. By leveraging technology and data, we strive to cultivate the environment necessary for innovation, commerce, entrepreneurship, and community building.
The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that a reliable broadband connection is integral to municipal infrastructure. Fiber network projects are traditionally private sector owned and, as such, have historically prioritized quality broadband access for communities that provide the greatest return on investment. To ensure town residents have an edge in education and the evolving job market, the Town of Dumfries is taking a community-driven approach to closing gaps in digital connectivity.
With publicly owned network infrastructure, the Town of Dumfries will increase the number of connected devices that inform residents and support digital public services. A reliable connection also ensures young scholars will complete homework assignments and create effective work environments for dedicated professionals.

Public Wi-Fi locations
To create public access points that expand broadband connectivity, the town partnered with local IT firm, TSI, to install access points in three primary locations identified on map.
Locations mapped include:

Cecil W. Garrison Park
Merchant Park
Ginn Memorial Park

A Snapshot
We have zoomed in to capture a snapshot of the locations with new public broadband network infrastructure. Multi-use antennas were used to seamlessly integrate new technology with the fabric of the community in public parks. For example, new light poles in Gin Memorial Park keep the area bright after dark and project public Wi-Fi to surrounding neighborhoods. We currently have production 10gig fiber internet running at all sites.
Digital Literacy
The Town of Dumfries has strategically selected partners to close gaps in digital literacy skills. In 2022, the Town of Dumfries became a Grow with Google partner. With expert knowledge and generous training, individuals and businesses will have access to the resources necessary to thrive in a digital economy.
For more information on digital webinars or resources visit: