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Administration Department Performance Metric Goals
Goals and metrics are derived from the Dumfries Fiscal Plan to improve annual performance.
What is a DMV Select? 
A DMV Select provides alternative services to a full-service DMV Customer Service Center. The Town of Dumfries has partnered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to create a convenient location that provides secure transactions for select motor vehicle services. 
What services can Dumfries DMV Select offer me? 
  • Vehicle Titles and Registrations 
  • License Plates 
  • Permits and Placards
  • Transcript Requests
  • Voter Registration Applications
  • E-ZPass
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses 
For a full description visit the town website
The Dumfries DMV Select is located on the first floor of the John Wilmer Porter Municipal Building on Main St. It is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. For quick and efficient service please schedule your visit by making an appointment here
Monthly Customer Transaction & Wait Times (DMV-Select/Customer Service Center)
The green bar will display average transaction time and blue bar will display average wait time for the month. You can click the bars and drill down to find the number of customers per day for that month. 
DMV-Select/Customer Service Center.
This measure calculates the total average monthly transaction time for customers visiting our DMV-Select/Customer Service Center. Tracks performance for previous month.