Town of Dumfries Demographics
As of April 1st, 2020, Town of Dumfries is home to a total population of 5,679 residents. This page further breaks down demographics with visualizations to depict the socio-economic diversity of the Town.
*All facts and figures come from US Census Bureau

Race Demographics

The Town of Dumfries is home to a large number of hispanic or latinos and has a significant African American community presence. 
There is also a reported 23.90% foreign born persons living in the Town. 

Age Demographics

Town of Dumfries lacks information on groups by age but what we do know is that a significant number of the population is under the age of 18 years old. 

Education Demographics

More than half of the population 25 years or older in Town of Dumfries is high school educated but only less than 20% of the population of the same age group hold a bachelors degree. 

Digital Inclusivity

Town of Dumfries is actively working to close digital equity gaps. We have a percentage of the population that lacks broadband access mainly attributed to rising costs of service. The Town is also actively working to build inclusivity with computer access and digital literacy programs. 

Business Owner Demographics

These are the number of businesses in the Town of Dumfries grouped by owner demographics. Individuals commuting to and out of the Town for work reported an estimated 36.6 minute travel time. 

Housing/Household Demographics
As of last US Census, there are about 1543 households in Dumfries and a reporting 3.47 persons per households.


Here are other socioeconomic demographics represented by the Towns population. 
Other characteristics include 248 veterans living in the Town.