Town of Dumfries Demographics
As of April 1st, 2020, Town of Dumfries is home to a total population of 5,679 residents. This page further breaks down demographics with visualizations to depict the socio-economic diversity of the Town.
*All facts and figures come from US Census Bureau and American Community Survey Data.
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Note: The collection of facts from the images come from the 2020 U.S. Census.

Race Demographics

The Town of Dumfries is home to a large number of hispanic or latinos and has a significant African American community presence. 
There is also a reported 23.90% foreign born persons living in the Town. 

Sex/Age Demographics

According to last US Census, 54.7% of population is female and 45.3% is male. Below you will find a population break down by age range.

Education Demographics



Digital Inclusivity

Town of Dumfries is actively working to close digital equity gaps. We have a percentage of the population that lacks broadband access mainly attributed to rising costs of service. The Town is also actively working to build inclusivity with computer access and digital literacy programs.